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Pages and Web sites


Corporate website informing about the activity of the company is more than a good habit. It is at present an element without which any serious company or institution in the long run is able to function.

We aim that the web site was made in a professional and clear manner (with the principles of WebUsability). The right balance of all elements of the finished design ensures strengthening the positive image of the company, which in turn increases its competitiveness.

With us you will improve your position in the market, and those employed in the company will gain tools to improve communication with customers and partners. DCT24 is a company which uses open source software so in the company as well as in the Internet projects - we rely on technologies: PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

See our recent web projects.

Search engine positioning

Internet as a source of free information, the most current and available ,is today the place from which potential customers begin their search, it is very important to get a high position in the most popular web search engines.

During the initial meetings and discussions, we try to understand the philosophy and business goals of our customers. Together we develop the most important phrases and keywords, on which will be positioning the website.

We audit the website and then develop recommendations for search engine optimization. If there is no person responsible for the maintenance of the website in your company than we will implement the recommendations and carry out changes in the structure and content of the website.

Further actions consist of systematic work which improves rankings in search results and continuous monitoring of progress with the use of web analytics tools. We constantly strive to improve and achieve the position 1-10 in the search results for key phrases and keywords.

Web Marketing

The website is a valuable tool to improve business and attract new customers. Company web site itself may not be enough to get with its offer to appropriate amount of potential customers and distinguish itself from the competition. Sometimes to achieve your business objectives you need a properly prepared and carried out marketing campaign on the Internet.

In the area of our activities are:
  • GoogleAdwords campaigns - sponsored links
  • campaigns on Google Content Network - contextual advertising
  • e-mail campaigns
  • banner ads and social networking sites