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Mx Exchange

IP-PBX ELNIX Mx is a telephone exchange with a capacity of up to 12 phone ports.

Dimensions of the Mx series: 217 x 40 x 125 mm

The exchange is also suitable to mounting in a 10" rack cabinet - 1U.

We would like to note that the ELNIX IP-PBX telephone exchange is an integrated, modular system solution, which combines the functions of many devices, which often are offered as separate products.

ELNIX IP-PBX Mx exchange has these standard built-in solutions:
  • 8 numbers SIP Gateway (VoIP) in the Mx version
  • recording of telephone conversations from both internal and external lines with online interception
  • 10/100Mb network adapter
  • up to 16 announcements DISA
  • up to 256 blocks of INFOLINE
  • modules posting teletax 12/16khz to internal ports
  • CLIP transmitters and receivers on external and internal lines
  • reversal of the loop on the internal ports
  • amplifier modules for internal and external ports for up to 12dB (digital amplification of speech)
  • ability to connect up to 8 gatephones / broadcasting centers
  • up to 40 accounts, SMTP - VoiceEmail - 'voice mail'
  • support for Compact Flash drives up to 12GB to support the recording of telephone conversations

Price list: (PLN)
8 SIP (VoIP) accounts, versions with recording

2 external lines net price gross price
2 inter. lines 700,00 861,00
6 inter. lines 910,00 1 119,30
10 inter. lines 1 090,00 1 340,70
4 external lines net price gross price
4 inter. lines 930,00 1 143,90
8 inter. lines 1 100,00 1 353,00

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