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IP-PBX telephone exchanges


We cooperate with Elektronix - manufacturer of ELNIX telephone exchanges. ELNIX exchanges are the most modern and the next generation from analog and digital telephone exchanges.

The combination of traditional telephony and Internet telephony in one device.

Telephone exchange ELNIX IP-PBX allows parallel use of traditional phones connected to the city lines as well as Internet phones. Through the built in 8 or 20 channel VoIP gateway, which supports SIP 2.0 and use up to 8 (for version M / Mx) or 20 (for version Sx), Internet phone numbers of one or various internet providers (including traditional operators such as TP SA). Both the traditional PSTN lines and Internet lines SIP (VoIP) are treated equally - all the exchange functions are carried out on both types of lines.

For companies with branch structure (eg, in different cities) Internet technology allows the use of several ELNIX IP-PBX exchanges combined into telephone network, with a uniform internal subscriber numbers for the entire company. Exchanges are plugged into the computer network for example HUB or Switch. Connections between the branch offices of the company did not generate any cost, because they are internal connections within these centers, despite their different locations.

We would like to note that the ELNIX IP-PBX telephone exchange is an integrated, modular system solution, which combines the functions of many devices, which often are offered as separate products.

ELNIX IP-PBX exchange systems are available in two versions:
  • small modular IP-PBX Mx exchange with up to 12 phone ports
  • average modular IP-PBX Sx exchange with up to 48 phone ports (giving the possibility to connect from 2 to 16 external lines and 48 internal lines)

The exchange is also suitable for mounting in a rack cabinet 10 "(1U and 2U).
  • dimensions of a small unit: 217 x 40 x 125 mm
  • dimensions of an avarage unit: 217 x 85 x 235 mm

ELNIX IP-PBX exchange has these standard built-in solutions:

  • 8 numbered SIP Gateway (VoIP) in the version M and Mx and 20 numbered SIP Gateway (VoIP) in the version Sx
  • recording of telephone conversations from both internal and external lines with online interception
  • 10/100Mb network adapter
  • up to 16 announcements DISA
  • up to 256 blocks of INFOLINE
  • modules posting teletax 12/16khz to internal ports
  • CLIP transmitters and receivers on external and internal lines
  • reversal of the loop on the internal ports
  • amplifier modules for internal and external ports for up to 12dB (digital amplification of speech)
  • ability to connect up to 8 gatephones / broadcasting centers
  • up to 40 accounts, SMTP - VoiceEmail - 'voice mail'
  • support for Compact Flash drives up to 12GB to support the recording of telephone conversations
Characteristics of ELNIX IP-PBX unit - basic functions:

Connecting functions:
  • receiving inbound calls for on or selected phones
  • dial tone on internal and external lines
  • forwarding calls to any internal number with or without announcement
  • capture external calls from other than programmed to receive phones
  • reserve of receiving external calls
  • calls with a group of internal phones
  • ordering of calls to internal and external lines
  • "redial" - auto-dial of last dialed external number
  • "nanny" - a remote tapping of room
  • "Do Not Disturb" - block external calls for selected number
  • "hot line"
  • setting external caller waiting for release of an internal caller (on hold)
  • entering the call "on third"
  • short numbers (local and global)
  • redirect calls to another extension
  • redirect calls to external number
  • melody to sustain conversation, the possibility of modifying the melody with wav and MIDI files
  • 4 different modes of work: day, night, weekends, holidays
  • DISA - up to 16 independent announcements, recorded by the user, whose action may be dependent on the mode of time work
  • CLIP - transfering Caller ID from external line to internal or to computer CTI
  • automatically distinguish fax calls
Registration and charging of calls (billing)
  • full registration of incoming calls with CLIP identification and with information, which subscriber received a call
  • full registration of outgoing calls with DTMF identification and with information, which subscriber initiated the call
  • block all external calls with the exception of special services (police, ambulance, etc.)
  • discrimination of calls
  • registration of switching internal calls
  • billing of outgoing calls (subscriber telephone number, the agent for the possible transfer of a call number, which was selected for "city", date, time, cost of calls in accordance the tariffs of operators)
  • registration of unsuccessful calls and internal calls
  • calls buffer size from 5,000 calls in the network to 100 million connections
  • a diverse and comprehensive filtering and sorting of recordered data
  • external calls "from city" at the expense of ELNIX IP-PBX exchange - the so-called temporary calls
Characteristics of ELNIX IP-PBX unit - advanced functions:

  • audio editor - able to process the entire call or parts of them into a wav file, for hearing in other audio programs or transfering over the Internet
  • automatic monitoring of telephone lines - measurement of voltage on the telephone lines
  • alarm in the absence (eg rupture) of any telephone line
  • recording mobile phone calls conducted with use of GSM gateways
  • selective recording - only from selected lines, or only at certain times
  • recording from radiotelephones using special radio interfaces
  • additional, individual records encryption algorithm
  • mirroring - duplicating of recorded calls by real-time recording on two media simultaneously
  • the ability to work on an existing LAN / WAN on several computer workstations
  • remote listening on the LAN / WAN independent from work of the recorder by several operators
  • local or network storage on any media (CD-ROM drives, MO, DVD, HDD, streamer)
  • the possibility of building advanced recording systems and managing the resulting structure using the administration server
  • remote control and maintenance of equipment by the network or using the Internet connection
Characteristics of ELNIX IP-PBX unit - new functions:

  • DISA VoiceEmail (voice mailbox) - allows the caller to leave the message on the subscriber exchange and then send it as an attachment in wav format to e-mail mailbox declared by the user
  • INFOLINE (used to hide the internal telephone numbering) - graphic presentation of the path connections; also from VoiceEmail
  • subscriber accounts or virtual subscribers (up to 200)
  • Built-in 8 (20)-channel VoIP gateway that enables the implementation of voice calls over the network as well as networking several exchanges in a "single exchange" with a uniformed internal phone numbers
  • Works with Softphone or PC-Phone installed on any PC on a local network or Internet, providing an additional internal phone in IP-PBX exchange (you can call from any phone, by selecting internal number of PC-Phone, to any PC with headset or USB phone)
Technical data of the exchange:

  • meeting the standards of SIP 2.0 (Session Initiation Protocol), RFC 3261
  • generating silence (CNG - Comfort Noise Generation)
  • speech detection (VAD - Voice Activity Detection)
  • echo cancellation in accordance with G.165/G.168 to 112ms
  • dynamic buffer to remove the Jitter effect
  • adjustable volume level for transmitting and receiving path up to 12dB
  • sending DTMF - In-band, out-of-band (SIP Info or RFC 2833 RTP)
  • detection and generation of reverse polarity
  • detection and generation of CallerID
  • display CallerID (FSK)
  • In addition to, G711, GSM, g726 or G729 are also codecs, iLBC and Speex.

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