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About technology

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), popularly known as "Internet telephony", allows you to make high quality calls to any telephone subscriber in the world, easily available through Internet or dedicated networks using IP protocol.

Connecting via IP telephony is implemented by a specialized device such as gateways, terminals and VoIP phones, which convert the analog human voice into digital form - the Internet Protocol IP packets and send them via the Internet.

Using the Internet telephony services do not necessarily have to be carried out through VoIP phone, just an ordinary analog or digital telephone connected to a terminal or a VoIP telephone exchange that provides Internet telephony. Thus it is possible to do swift implementation of VoIP in enterprises that already have a traditional phone infrastructure.

Phone lines using VoIP allow subscribers to have telephone numbers from the public fixed telephone network, that means it is possible to both make outgoing calls and accept incoming connections from all fixed and mobile networks worldwide. voip